First, download and install the latest version of KADOS.

To start, connect to KADOS (default user/password are admin/admin)

Then you can create a project by clicking on the button just below the menu “Create a project”


As soon as you have a project in the list, you can click on it. You’ll go to the Project Cockpit. A few messsages will guide you through your project basic configuration :

cockpitFollow the first tip : create a release to the project by clicking on the button. You will be asked for a name and a date. (You may check the “Use checklist” option. Go to the checklist page to know more about that)

Release Creation

Go back to project cockpit, and choose columns for tasks boards (the second tip, now being the first)

Columns choosingSelect which column you want to use from the available columns. You may give a specific meaning to that column in your project. Just fill in the “Project meaning” inputs and click on Submit. The specific meaning will be displayed at top of column instead of what is written in the “Description” cell.

Then follow the last tip on the project cockpit and add stakeholders to your project.

Build Team

Depending on some global parameters, you will have a list box of users or just an input. If thre is an input, just begin to write a name, a list will appears and you will be able to choose an user. Users must be in the users list managed by admin. To know more, go to Users Management.

Each user added to the project will be displayed as a post-it. You can choose the profile of the user by dragging and dropping its post-it in the profile column.

Now, go back to project cockpit. You may add sprint or you can write User Stories now.

Let’s say you want to write US. Go to the Kanban menu :

Kanban project

In that board, you can add an US in the Product Backlog. Just click on the button “Add an User Story” :

Create US

Submit the User Story. It will appear on the release board.

View USYou can allocate the US to a release by dragging the postit and dropping it in the release column.

Go back to the project cockpit. You can add a sprint to the release by clicking on the “Add sprint” icon : ligne_releaseThen you can create the sprints planning.

sprint planningClick on the release name and you will go to the release backlog. You will be able to allocate your US to sprints.

sprint allocation

To be continued …